- We are thankful to the Almighty, for the chance of in them making channels
Intending to spread out, above of everything, its Message of Love.

- We are thankful, in special, to Melissa de Oliveira Caetano (daughter), Guilherme de Oliveira Caetano (son), for the initial and determinative incentive for the accomplishment of this work, and to Márcia de Oliveira Caetano (Wife) for the patience and final bracket.

- Gratefulness to the Árpád Taubinger, as one of the pioneers of the movement,
at the time;

- We are thankful, still:

- CARL KOHLER (special mention);
- Carlos Bini;
- Carlos Doady;
- Jose Carlos Thurler Ruiz;
- Sidnei Loureiro;
- Jose Pinheiro de Carvalho;

- Fernando Rosa (Senhorf);
- Luiz Antonio Torge (Ratolaser)
Which have been the greatest stimulators, divulgators (national and international level) and protectors who, since 1999, have triggered and encouraged us, even during the toughest times, to carry out with our dream.

- Aurea Regina de Oliveira; Fonsinho (Pereira da Silva); Marcelo Braune;
Salvador Neto; Cauê Lôbo; Wagner Machado de Siqueira/Márcio Lucena; Jane
Ayrão; Salomão Roterdam; Solange Arcas; Luiz Calanca (Baratosafins); Dr.
Marcelo F. dos Santos; Vanda Barreto Lopes; Edna Cristina Cockell; Arnaldo Schneider, Maria Cecília, Ieno and team (Todamérica Musica

- Essentially, to Fernando Ramos (" Fê ") who gave us, with extreme consideration, the final conditions to materialize this design.

- And as much others that know that, in our heart, we are thankful to, although not cited.

Thank you all, and may God bless you!

J.L. Caetano da Silva


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