- Biography of the band

Around the year 1967 the city of Nova Friburgo, situated in the State of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, was a peaceful and well located place, provided with a reasonable industrial area and with a privileged situation favorable to the farming activity, surrounded by an exuberant nature, was in a process of becoming, like others around the world, a stage for a scenery that would have worldwide reach - the hippie world and, in special, the songs that were a mark of that time.

Still listening to Elvis Presley and other exponents of that moment, the first chords of the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and others began to be heard, and that lighted a quick match of a local movement that generalized.

Many young people, already with an artistic vein, started to "inflame themselves" and to try the first chords in the instruments that would appear. In special, on that occasion a young couple Gilda and Fernando - she, playing the accordion and he being a lover of photography and music - would arouse in their two older children, Fernando and Ramon the interest for music, mainly for that new kind that was spreading out more and more.

At the same time, in the whole city the taste for it spread about. However, while pupils of the centennial Anchieta School (until then an extension of the Jesuit formation), found other colleagues who revealed the same intention - Nando and Caetano -, and decided to make a band. Each one tried to improve his options and abilities:
- Fernando, drums
- Ramon, bass
- Caetano, solo guitar and
- Nando, base guitar.

The rehearsals were being repeated, initially in their own houses, within the possibilities, having as a base repertory the Beatles, evidently, with variations of the emergent "Jovem Guarda" (young guard) and versions of international songs that had the same tune. However, as the rustic equipment appeared, and idea came out to use possible available places at Anchieta School.

At the beginning, opposed to the values until then effective, they had some difficulties in order to render the managers of the Institution sensitive about their intentions. But, fortunately, they found in the Coordinator Spencer, a helper so that they had an adequate place and thus give continuity to the work.

Until then the band did not have a name that characterized it. It occurred, then, that in the one of the rehearsals, Ramon - who used braces for dental correction - received a tremendous electric shock close to the microphone, that made him exclaim: " It seems that I've received more than 2000 Volts shock... ". From that moment on the name of the Band was defined as "2000 VOLTS".

They began then to receive invitations to play in birthday parties, schools, some other events, etc. Meanwhile, one more musician, Tião (Tiãozinho) Caetano's brother, joined the 2000 VOLTS, playing the base guitar. It was a very amusing and healthful phase, when the Band already had a certain credit, among other bands that were coming about, and doing the show for the young ones. The Groups started to show themselves in many clubs of the city and other important places.

Obviously, the local musicians were improving themselves and naturally changes were taking place. In the specific case of the 2000 Volts, Nando gave place to Serginho, who came from another group, and remained in the base guitar. In this phase the Group, already with enough matureness, took an enormous leap when it was distinguished in a magnificent way, especially in covers of the Beatles. After that came Simon & Garfunkel, and other gamma of groups, that explored the vocal arrangements and kept the beauty and the richness that characterized that generation.

At this point it was felt a great need to change the name of the group, which belonged to a more youthful phase. As the work assumed a professional shape, they started to search for a more appropriate identity to their proposal. Among many suggestions, it appeared, through a Physics teacher, a reference to the solar specter that reporting to the 7 primary colors reported them to the 7 primary musical notes. With a little of imagination and also considering the sonority and universalization of the term the new name of the Group was defined: " SPECTRUM ".

After that, Ramon was attacked by a disease, which made Tião sacrifice himself in substituting him on the bass, with a lot of study, much devotion, persistence and performance. However, life wanted Tião to search for other professional paths that would force him to leave the city, giving place then, to Toby, an admired bass player from another Band, who accepted the invitation.

With this new formation the band started to widen its repertoire, always having the Beatles as a point of reference, including Led Zeppelin, Carlos Santana, The Mamas and the Papas and adjacencies, but emphasizing a very big identity with Steppenwolf, which provoked a distinguishing difference in relation to other Groups.

Then, it came the invitation to make the soundtrack of the movie "Geração Bendita" that had started to be shot in Nova Friburgo. Through common contacts between the interested parts, the commitment was accomplished and with this the Band left the stages to dedicate itself to the making of the work. At this moment David, a musician who acted " outside of the circuit " of balls and shows, a friend of the components - specially Serginho -, was invited to participate in the making of the compositions, lyrics, arrangements, etc.

As the work was concluded it was searched, in Rio de Janeiro, a studio willing to produce it. Strangely the recorders closed themselves until Todamérica Music Ltda. opened its doors for the realization of the record. There was the usual distribution of copies, the divulgation, the advertising, etc. However, with the censorship to the movie - which lasted for about two years - by the effective Military Regiment, it stagnated, as a consequence, to the intended and dreamed divulgation of the musical work, which went back to the installations of Todamérica, and was neglected.

The formation of the Spectrum group, that recorded the soundtrack of the movie" Geração Bendita ", now not motivated, disappointed, indebted, etc, without an agent, an entrepreneur, and at last, without support, was dispersed without even realizing a single public presentation.

The history of the Spectrum band, with other formations, continues... But, that is for another occasion!

- Caetano: Jose Luiz Caetano da Silva
- David: David John Giecco
- Fernando: Fernando Gomes Correa Jr.
- Nando: Fernando Jose Teixeira de Almeida
- Ramon: Ramon Gomes Correa
- Serginho: Sergio Nogueira Régly
- Tião: Sebastião Luiz Caetano da Silva
- Toby: Jose Carlos Corrêa da Rocha


Second Arrangement
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The remaining viola -
witness of this story
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The meet 30 years later
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